The Motorcycle Theory Test


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What is the theory test?

The motorcycle theory test is a two part test which you take on a computer. The first part is a multiple choice questionnaire about the highway code and the national highway laws and regulations. This is specific to each category of vehicle with slightly different questions for each, so even if you have already taken the test for a car or another vehicle you must still take the motorcycle specific one if you wish to obtain a full licence.

The second part of the test is a hazard awareness video. Candidates are shown various video clips of every day situations on the public road such as a motorbike ride through a town centre, or down a country road. Each clip contains one developing hazard. An example of a developing hazard could be an unleashed dog on one side of the road and a child with a ball on the other... You will be expected to click the computer mouse button when you see the hazard 'develop'.