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module 1 of the practical motorcycle test

Module 1: 3 Day Course

Anyone wishing to pass their full motorcycle test will now need to complete the two part Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests along with their CBT and Theory Tests. Each day consists of 6 hours tuition plus a lunch break of 30 minutes.

This three day course is designed to teach you safe and correct riding techniques to pass the DSA's practical motorcycle test, and will help you to be a better rider for life.

This course usually runs Saturday and Sunday with a test on Monday

Day 1

After an eye test and an introduction to a larger bike (if applicable), Day 1 consists of general road riding tuition with the opportunity to practice the Mod 1 Test. This consists of several manoeuvres (Off Road Exercises, see diagram) which will ultimately be carried out at a DSA test centre.

Day 2

Consists of further road riding tuition, plus additional Mod 1 practice if required.

Day 3 - Mod 1 Test

Your Instructor will take you for an on road ‘warm-up’ session for approx one hour and escort you to the DSA test centre for your pre-arranged Mod 1 Test. When completed, you can move on to your Mod 2 Test - the final part of your full licence.



Module 2: 2 Day Course

Day 1

Further road riding experience, with focus on the tuition elements previously covered. Also includes a visit to the Mod 2 test site, to familiarise yourself with the procedures and marking system associated with each test.

Day 2 - Mod 2 Test

On test day, your Instructor will take you for a one hour ‘warm-up’ session and escort you to the DSA test centre for your pre-arranged Mod 2 Test.



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