Entry Age 17 or over Route to Riding.

As a 17 years old you have a few options the following chart will give you the information you require and help you decide the best course for you.

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The first step is to complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Anyone wishing to ride on the road as a learner moped or motorcycle rider or is planning to take their full motorcycle test, must first complete a CBT. The CBT training we provide is based on a six hour lesson, broken down into four hours off-road training and a minimum of two hours on-road training.

During the first four hours of the CBT you will learn about the motorcycle and how to control it, as well as listening to talks on road safety and equipment. Once you and your instructor feel you are ready, you then move on to two hours of on-road tuition under close supervision. After this and if your instructor is confident of your ability to ride a motorbike or scooter unaccompanied, you will be awarded your CBT certificate (DL196).

This course is also to validate all moped entitlement for full car driving licence holders passing their car test after 1st February 2001.

If you wish to obtain your full licence then the next step is your Theory test


Theory Test.

The motorcycle theory test is a two part test which you take on a computer. The first part is a multiple choice questionnaire about the highway code and the national highway laws and regulations.   This is specific to each category of vehicle with slightly different questions for each, so even if you have already taken the test for a car or another vehicle you must still take the motorcycle specific one if you wish to obtain a full licence.

The second part of the test is a hazard awareness video. Candidates are shown various video clips of every day situations on the public road such as a motorbike ride through a town centre, or down a country road. Each clip contains one developing hazard. An example of a developing hazard could be an unleashed dog on one side of the road and a child with a ball on the other... You will be expected to click the computer mouse button when you see the hazard 'develop'.


 Practical Test Courses.

Module 1: 3 Day Course

Anyone wishing to pass their full motorcycle test will now need to complete the two part Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests along with their CBT and Theory Tests. Each day consists of 6 hours tuition plus a lunch break of 30 minutes.

This three day course is designed to teach you safe and correct riding techniques to pass the DSA's practical motorcycle test, and will help you to be a better rider for life.

This course usually runs Saturday and Sunday with a test on Monday

Day 1

After an eye test and an introduction to a larger bike (if applicable), Day 1 consists of general road riding tuition with the opportunity to practice the Mod 1 Test. This consists of several manoeuvres (Off Road Exercises, see diagram) which will ultimately be carried out at a DSA test centre.

Day 2

Consists of further road riding tuition, plus additional Mod 1 practice if required.

Day 3 - Mod 1 Test

Your Instructor will take you for an on road ‘warm-up’ session for approx one hour and escort you to the DSA test centre for your pre-arranged Mod 1 Test. When completed, you can move on to your Mod 2 Test - the final part of your full licence.


Module 2: 2 Day Course

Day 1

Further road riding experience, with focus on the tuition elements previously covered. Also includes a visit to the Mod 2 test site, to familiarise yourself with the procedures and marking system associated with each test.

Day 2 - Mod 2 Test

On test day, your Instructor will take you for a one hour ‘warm-up’ session and escort you to the DSA test centre for your pre-arranged Mod 2 Test.



Your options now:

To book your course please call 01733 852882 or alternatively email info@shires-motorcycle-training-peterborough.co.uk and we will contact you